Quarta-feira, 12 de Janeiro de 2011

Pinhole by Eva

Here is a magnificent picture by Eva, taken with a Pinhole camera:





Make sure you go to her blog ( http://drawingandthingslikethat.blogspot.com ) and take a really good look at it! Pinhole stuff, amazing drawings and.. things.

by Pedro Pires às 23:37
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2 comentários:
De eva a 19 de Janeiro de 2011 às 02:04
he there, thanks a lot for that! You know I'm still waiting for the results of your holga ? What happened? :)

De Pedro Pires a 30 de Janeiro de 2011 às 22:45
Hey Eva!

No problem, actually i thank you to let me put the pic here.

Well, i dont have much time for anything else than University lately, but I'll get my first roll in a couple of days! Hope there is something to show LOOL

Thanks for stopping by,

Pedro Pires

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